Abstracts of 7th International Conference on Speech Motor Control Groningen, July 2017


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This Supplement contains the abstracts of the seventh edition of the International Conference on Speech Motor Control, which is held in Groningen, The Netherlands, July 5 - 8, 2017.

With this seventh conference, a well-established Nijmegen (5 editions) - Groningen (6th edition) tradition is continued. This conference, like the ones before, highlights new trends and state-of-the-art approaches in theoretical and applied research in the area of normal and disordered speech motor control. The past decades have yielded a tremendous, multidisciplinary development in this dynamic research field, which is reflected in the Nijmegen - Groningen series of conferences.

It has been the aim of the International Conference on Speech Motor Control to not only give an overview of the current state-of-the-art, but most importantly, to highlight (and where necessary, speculate) how in the next decade research in these areas will influence our notions about speech motor processes and how this will have implications for future studies and/or clinical procedures. A special topic of the 7th conference is inspired by the booming field of genetics, in particular with respect to the evolution of speech and language. Insight in the genetics of homo sapiens as compared to other primates, opens a window to study how speech and language came into being in our species, and what special characteristics distinguishes homo sapiens from other primates such that speech could emerge. The conference is opened by two keynote speakers addressing the history of evolution research and recent insights and theories. For the mainstream conference, we encourage participants to take speech research again a step further and report on their research on the origin, development and maintenance of cognitive, linguistic and motor processes that together determine humans most complex motor skill: speaking.