Abstracts of the 8th International Conference on Speech Motor Control Groningen, August 2022


  • Redactie SSTP University of Groningen Press



This Supplement of ‘Tijdschrift voor Stem-, Spraak- en Taalpathologie’ (Journal of Voice, Speech and Language Pathology) contains the abstracts of the eighth edition of the International Conference on Speech Motor Control, held in Groningen, The Netherlands, August 24 - 27, 2022. With this eighth conference, a well-established Nijmegen (5 editions) - Groningen (6th & 7th edition) tradition continues. This conference, like the ones before, highlights new trends and state-of-the-art approaches in theoretical and applied research in the area of normal and disordered speech motor control. The five years since the previous conference in 2017 have yielded not only further insights in genetic, neural, physiological and developmental aspects of speech production, stuttering and other speech motor conditions, but have also advanced theoretical modelling. Combined with ongoing studies of populations that are increasingly better characterized genetically and neurobiologically, this quantitative boost of interdisciplinary results is now leading to a qualitative turning point in which large data sets are analyzed with powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. The implementation of theories into computational models allows for the explicit testing of multifactorial interactions, thereby going beyond the more traditional single-factor experiments. Machine learning and the data sharing required to make this feasible are a special topic of the 2022 conference.